The War of the Worlds

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Friday, October 31, 2020
8 pm

The 1938 Radio Drama sensation that shocked the Columbia Broadcasting System…and the WORLD! 

Get lost in this dramatic tale, based on the great H.G. Wells’ original novel and adapted for radio by Howard E. Koch for The Mercury Theatre on the Air.

Hunker down with your favorite hot beverage, a blanket, and your loved ones, and prepare to witness the invasion of our beloved planet! Nothing can stop them from coming, so the real question is will we make it through!?!

Find out by becoming part of the audience for the first production of ICCT’s landmark 65th season, presented digitally. We’re working to keep everyone, our audience, our performers, and our volunteers, safe, while still bringing together the creative efforts of our talented organization to present you theatre you’ll never forget!

Directed by Jeffrey Allen Mead