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The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus


Doctor Faustus (sometimes referred to with its original title, The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus) follows the dark, twisted path of the restless scholar of the title. Yearning for infinite knowledge and questioning his faith, Doctor Faustus forsakes his scholarly studies for the dark world of magic and sorcery. He makes a pact with the devil. If the evil spirit, Mephistopheles, will serve him for 24 years, Faustus will bequeath the devil his soul after his death and spend eternity damned in hell. Despite warnings from colleagues, Faustus is blind to the terrifying extent of his actions until it is too late. Going on a journey with Mephistopheles and displaying his magic to a host of influential and important figures, Faustus finally realizes that he has come to the end of his allotted time on earth and learnt nothing. Regretting his deal–signed in his own blood–but unable to do anything about it, Faustus is hauled off down to hell by Mephistopheles and other evil spirits. Highly entertaining, energetic, and darkly funny, Doctor Faustus has a timeless quality, exploring mankind’s insatiable desire for knowledge and power.


Elinor Levin– Doctor Faustus 

Mckayla Sturtz– Mephistophilis

Nick Rudzianski– Wagner, First Friar 

Duane Larson– Robin/Clown

Chris Irvin– Dick 

Nick Kilburg– Valdes, Lucifer 

Aubri Kohl– Cornelius, Belzebub 

Meaghan Harding– Scholar 1, Cardinal of France

Jennifer Beall– Scholar 2,  Duke of Saxony 

Kalvin Goodlaxon– Scholar 3, Gluttony 

Josh Sazon– Old Man, Wrath, Archbishop 

Brooke Willis– Pride, Emperor 

Joseph Dobrian– Covetousness, Pope 

Alex Mckay– Envy, Duke of Vanholt 

Alan Ridgeway– Sloth, Bruno, Vintner

Sarahann Kolder– Lust, Duchess of Vanholt 

Dennis Lambing– Raymond, Soldier 1, Carter

Becky Krause-Galoni- Martino, 

Lisa Streif– Frederick, Servant

Brian Tanner– Horse Courser, Cardinal of Padua

Julie Zick– Hostess, Soldier 2 

Michelle Hinz– Good Angel 

Paula Grady– Evil Angel 

Marty Reichert– Benvolio

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