“The Laramie Project”: Director’s Vision

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Although it is the opinion of the ICCT 64th season Board of Directors that “The Laramie Project” is an important work, and that its production would have served a vital role in our community, the reality of our current situation is that it would not have been well served by being squeezed into some nebulous future time. We owe it to our audience, to the incredible cast, and above all, to the dedicated production team, to make a decision. Cancelling “The Laramie Project” feels like a failure, but it also feels right and responsible. We certainly hope to present this incredible work in the near future.

In preparation for the show, Director Grant Freeman used his dramaturgical background to create an incredible resource about “The Laramie Project,” which he has been kind enough to allow us to share with you. PLEASE take the time to engage with this work, and perhaps, a little of what his vision would have brought us.

“The Laramie Project” Dramaturgy Packet