Our Town Cast Announcement

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ICCT is excited to announce the cast of Our Town! This production will take place at the City Park Festival Stage September 8-10 and 15-27.


Stage Manager________________Scot Hughes 

Emily Webb____________________Jessica Abdoney 

George Gibbs___________________Grant Blades 

Mrs. Julia Gibbs________________Jennifer Smith 

Mrs. Myrtle Webb__________________Sara Clark 

Mr. Charles Webb_______________Phil Jordan 

Dr. Frank Gibbs__________________Greg Tucker 

Howie Newsome_____________Joseph Messina 

Mrs. Louella Soames/Ensemble______Jennifer Beall

Constable Bill Warren______________Mike Plate 

Rebecca Gibbs_________________Lyrah Huggins 

Joe Crowell, Jr.____________________Louisa Lane 

Simon Stimson_________________Jocko Motoko 

Joe Stoddard_______________________Jeff Emrich 

Professor Willard/Sam Craig__________Hannah Green 

Si Crowell________________________Louisa Lane 

Wally Webb________________________Rigley Ohrt 

 Chorus/Ensemble__________________Ruby Murray

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