Inherit the Wind

A gripping dramatization of the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial, in which high school science teacher John T. Scopes was arrested and put on trial for teaching Charles Darwin’s “dangerous” theories of evolution in his classroom, contrary to a Tennessee state law. Inherit the Wind takes you into the courtroom as the debate between intellectual freedom and religious doctrine rages on.

Presented by Iowa City Community Theatre at the Johnson County Fairgrounds

February 2-3 & 9-10 at 7:30pm and February 4 & 11 at 2pm


Rachel Brown – Finch Vandyk 

Bertram “Bert” CatesChris Irvin

Matthew Harrison BradyScot Hughes

Henry DrummondJosh Sazon

Tom DavenportBarry A. Schreier

E.K. HornbeckMarcia Hughes

Judge – Jennifer Smith

Reverend Jeremiah Brown – Joshua Fryvecind

Mrs. BradySara K. Clark

MeekerBrad Walters

Mayor – Keith W. Feldmann

MelindaEverly Opheim

HowardMax Seaman

Mr. GoodfellowLarry Hansen

Mr. Bannister (juror) – Jacob Ruchotzke

Mrs. Krebs – Julie Zick

Phil Krebs – Andrew Sear

Mrs. Loomis – Angela McConville

Bollinger – Leo Mensinger

Hot Dog ManKalvin Goodlaxon

Mrs. McClain – Nicole Stocker

Mrs Blair – Kris Schneider 

Elijah – Bill Croghan

Hurdy Gurdy Man – Duane Larson

Timmy (child)/Eskimo Pie HawkerViola McConville

Dunlap – Adoh Sisourath

Sillers (juror) – Ruby Murray

Reuters Reporter – Sonia Cryptomeria

Harry Y. Esterbrook (Radio Man) – Craig Jarvie

Cooper – Eli Arteaga

Photographer – S. Quinn Morris

Townspeople – Issac Wolfe, Dasha Bezugla

Production Team

Director – Brian Tanner

Assistant Director/Stage Manager – Regan Loula

Set Designers – Steve Miller, Jarred Evanovich, with Rich LeMay

Dramaturg/Costumes – Emily Dokken-Higdon

Hair/Makeup – Kayleigh Bauer

Props – Stephen Polchert

Light Design – Will Asmus

ICCT Board Liaison – DJ Kohl