High Fidelity

Based on the 1995 novel and 2000 film of the same name, High Fidelity focuses on Rob Gordon, a record shop owner in his thirties obsessed with making top-five lists for everything, seemingly always observing rather than taking part in life. When his girlfriend leaves him, he is forced to undergo a difficult re-evaluation of his life and lost loves, and learns he must grow up and let go of his self-centered view of the world before he can find real happiness.


Greg Tucker – Rob

Jacob Ruchotzke – Dick

Ethan Glenn – Barry

Nat V. Black – Laura

Noelle Mcvey – Liz

Robert Morris – Ian

Elizabeth Schlegel – Anna

David Edwards – TMPMITW

Rachel Singley – Marie

Ken Van Egdon – Bruce

Dasha Bezugla – Ex-Girlfriend

Henry Hunnicutt – Neil Young/Futon Guy

Daisy Luu – Allison/Ensemble

Breanna Ellis – Sarah/Ensemble

Sonal Khokhari – Penny/ Ensemble

Lucket Kiche – Punk/Ensemble

Chris Irvin – Ensemble

Sonia Cryptomeria – Ensemble

Dolan Jones – Hipster/Ensemble

Kalvin Goodlaxson – Ensemble

Brian Tanner – Middle Aged Man/Ensemble

Paula Grady – Jackie/Ensemble

Production Team

Director: Will Asmus

Music Director: Wes Habley

Stage Manager: Sam O’Brien

Assistant Director: Jacey Fitzpatrick

Choreographer: Daisy Luu

Costume Design: Rachel Edisill

Board Liaison: Nick Kilburg