Cast List for Romeo and Juliet

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ICCT is excited to announce the cast of Romeo and Juliet! This fresh take on the classic story opens in May. Tickets will be available starting April 1.

Romeo, Citizen/Ensemble- Grant Blades
Juliet, Citizen/Ensemble- Jordan Kinney
Montague, Friar Laurence, Citizen/Ensemble- Phil E. Jordan
Capulet, Apothecary, Citizen/Ensemble- Matt Brewbaker
Tybalt, Peter, Citizen/Ensemble- Mikayla Sturz
Mercutio, Gregory, Citizen/Ensemble- Melissa Kaska
Benvolio, Balthasar, Citizen/Ensemble- Jacob Kostiv
Nurse, Lady Montague, Citizen/Ensemble- Mariah Schlueter
Lady Capulet, Sampson, Citizen/Ensemble- Erin Lauer
Paris, Abram, Officer, Citizen/Ensemble- Brian Smith
Prince, Citizen/Ensemble- Josh Sazon

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