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Auditions for An Evening of Oddity

Auditions for an Evening of OddityICCT is now accepting video auditions for our next virtual production, An Evening of Oddity! This live-streamed reading will feature three whimsical short plays written and directed by Joshua Rouse. Performances will take place on January 8, 9, and 10.

A total of 10 actors of various ages and genders are needed for this production. Actors will be playing multiple roles, ideally one role in each play. 1-3 actors outside of the cast of 10 may be picked for reading stage directions for the plays. Character lists are included at the beginning of each full script, linked below.

ICCT encourages actors off all backgrounds to audition for our productions. For more information, please see the casting statement at the bottom of this page.

For Auditions: 

  • Record yourself reading one character from each script (linked below) or submit a recording of a comedic monologue
  • Show your best effort at a British or French or Cockney or Russian accent (not required, but encouraged)
  • Fill out the audition form and upload your video by Dec 2

Audition Selections

Carl, Cop, Rigger – The Adventure of Carl

Papis, Toby, Mack, Maggie, Seymour, Keaton – The ‘Mazing Mr./Ms. Papis

Eli, Carlisle, Procyon, Matilda – The Regaling of Tales and Flickering of Flames

Full Scripts

The Adventure of Carl

The ‘Mazing Mr./Ms. Papis

The Regaling of Tales and Flickering of Flames

ICCT Casting Statement

All performers are encouraged to audition for any production.
Almost all of our characters can be played by anybody.
Some roles require skills or attributes which are assessed through an audition process. In limited cases, the licensing contract may require that a character be played by a performer meeting a specific description; when this happens they will always be clearly marked.

Final casting decisions will depend on audition attendance, and the organization bears the responsibility of reaching out to bring a diverse representation of the community to audition. Each director will exercise his or her own discretion in choosing the performer who is the right fit for each role. Where licensing requirements permit, creative casting decisions can be made to allow performers who do not fit the character’s description to play the role. While this type of creative casting is encouraged where appropriate, ICCT commits to casting roles specifically written for members of underrepresented communities as accurately as possible. In situations where such a role cannot be cast from the audition pool, the show director will consult with the ICCT board to determine a solution, possibilities including, but not limited to, adding additional audition dates or selecting an appropriate performer without an audition. Such decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

These decisions are not taken lightly, are the responsibility of the show’s production team in collaboration with the Board of Directors, and frequently are made specifically to highlight or contrast human elements of the show.

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