Please read this full page for audition details, COVID safety information, and the ICCT casting statement.

Auditions for Once Upon a Mattress

Audition Dates

Friday, March 15th, TBD
Saturday, March 16th, TBD
Callbacks, March 18th, TBD (if needed)

Times and location to be announced shortly.

Once Upon a Mattress
Many moons ago, in a far-off place, a vain, aggravating queen decreed that no couples could marry until her dauntless son, the prince, found himself a bride. Dozens of princesses came from far and wide, but none could pass the impossible tests given to them by the queen. That is, until Winnifred showed up. This rollicking spin on the classic tale The Princess and the Pea provides some sidesplitting shenanigans and toe-tapping musical numbers.

Direction by: Deidra Benser
Music Directions by : Elisabeth Ross

Show Dates
May 17 – 18, 24 – 25 @ 7:30 pm,
May 19, 26 @ 2:00 pm

Please visit for more information on the show and for a breakdown of the roles.

COVID Health and Safety

With the return to live theatre, the ICCT board has voted to take the following precautions with our in-person productions:

  • All cast and crew involved with a production are asked to be up-to-date on COVID vaccinations for the health and safety of their fellow volunteers.
  • Mask requirements will depend on community transmission level. If high, masks will be required (except for cast during tech week and during performances). If medium, masks encouraged. If low, masks optional.

ICCT Casting Statement

All performers are encouraged to audition for any production.
Almost all of our characters can be played by anybody.
Some roles require skills or attributes which are assessed through an audition process. In limited cases, the licensing contract may require that a character be played by a performer meeting a specific description; when this happens they will always be clearly marked.

Final casting decisions will depend on audition attendance, and the organization bears the responsibility of reaching out to bring a diverse representation of the community to audition. Each director will exercise his or her own discretion in choosing the performer who is the right fit for each role. Where licensing requirements permit, creative casting decisions can be made to allow performers who do not fit the character’s description to play the role. While this type of creative casting is encouraged where appropriate, ICCT commits to casting roles specifically written for members of underrepresented communities as accurately as possible. In situations where such a role cannot be cast from the audition pool, the show director will consult with the ICCT board to determine a solution, possibilities including, but not limited to, adding additional audition dates or selecting an appropriate performer without an audition. Such decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

These decisions are not taken lightly, are the responsibility of the show’s production team in collaboration with the Board of Directors, and frequently are made specifically to highlight or contrast human elements of the show.